Visa medicals and work medicals for Saudi Arabia

Based on the Medical Form from the Saudi Embassy - Download NEW Form Template - For Guidance Only

As per the Saudi Consular Department advise (25/04/24):
"For applicants with no history of TB, bilharzia or malaria, a chest Xray and testing for malaria & bilharzia is no longer a requirement".

Important - It is your responsibility to provide us with the most up to date Visa Medical form required for your application.

Dr Carole McAlister is a FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) registered doctor.

Saudi Visa Medical Glasgow
The medical for a Saudi Arabia Visa requires extensive blood tests.
You should allow 30-45 minutes for the medical. The Doctor will go through your medical history and then undertake a physical examination .

For applicants with no history of TB, bilharzia or malaria.

The Saudi Arabia Visa Medical includes:
• General medical examination
• HIV test
• Syphilis test
• Hepatitis B & C
• Urinalysis
• Liver function test
• Pregnancy test for women

If you have any additional requirements (ie, chest Xray, testing for malaria or hilharzia) , further charges might apply.

Please bring with you:
1 recent passport photo
Your passport
Your glasses or contact lenses
Copies of any significant hospital letters, abnormal results etc

The medical is carried out at GP Matters (24 Buckingham Terrace, Glasgow, G12 8ED).  

After your Saudi Arabia Visa Medical:
Please allow 2-3 days for your Saudi Visa medical to be finalised. This will then be e-mailed to you and the original document can be collected or posted to you.

Saudi Arabia Visa Medical - £650
Please note that in the event that your Visa is not granted we cannot refund the cost of your Saudi Visa Medical.


GP Matters
24 Buckingham Terrace
Glasgow G12 8ED
West End


Phone: 0141 7373 289

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