Private GP Clinic in Glasgow

A private prescription from GP MATTERS offers a quick and easy way to get the medication you need, especially away from home travelling, or on business.

Prescriptions are issued at the discretion of the doctor based on what they believe to be most appropriate for your condition. They can prescribe all medication normally prescribed by a general practitioner, including the pill.
We do not prescribe morphine and methadone.

We can provide you with a private prescription if you:

- have conditions diagnosed or confirmed by our GP’s
- have run out of your regular/repeat prescription medication
- have forgotten or lost your tablets, inhalers or medicine
- need access to emergency contraception
- are seeking medication that is not available under the NHS

If you need a prescription or repeat medication for a medical condition, you need to:

- Arrange a GP Appointment with one of our GPs.
- Bring along your empty bottle or old prescription.
- The GP will assess your requirements and issue a prescription for you to take to any pharmacy

When you are issued a private prescription as part of a consultation, there will be no additional charge.

Private prescriptions outwith appointments for regular patients are £40 or £60 for Controlled Drugs.
Pharmacist’s fees vary for prescribed medications, these are outwith the control of GP Matters.


GP Matters
24 Buckingham Terrace
Glasgow G12 8ED
West End


Phone: 0141 7373 289

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