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The Chester step test is a way of gauging fitness by measuring the heart’s ability to recover from exertion.
It is often a pre-requisite for working in roles requiring a basic level of physical fitness.

  • How long will the Chester Step Test take? You should allow 15-30 minutes for the FTT medical. 

  • Please bring with you: Photographic ID (Your passport or driving licence). Any medication, doctor/ hospital letters and relevant investigations results. Comfortable clothing
  • Certificates Are normally made available on the day of the examination. Copies can be sent to companies where requested.

  • Cost: The costs of a Chester Step Test is £100. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

The Chester step test is a sub-maximal test which requires you to step onto, and off a 30cm/12″ step (a standard gym bench), at a rate set by a metronome disc, sufficient to elicit a heart rate of around 80% max heart rate at a moderate level of exertion.
It is a multi-staged test so every 2 minutes there is an increase in the rate of the step. Exercise heart rates are then plotted and an aerobic capacity and fitness rating may be calculated.

You will need to bring:

Photo ID (passport, driving licence).
Details of any medication you’re taking.
Your previous medical certificate (ERT certificate) if you have one.
Comfortable footwear and clothes to enable you to undertake exercise.

The fitness test is valid for one year for ERT certificate holders. The duration for other needs varies.

The appointment will take around 15 -30 minutes.

Yes, as long as the doctor can deem you fit, we will provide you with the certificate at the end of your appointment to take away with you.



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