Petronas offhore and remote onshore medical assessments

At GP Matters we provide Petronas offshore and remote onshore medical assessments.

Based on the FORM C / Revision 4.0 - Download Form Template - For Guidance Only.

Important - It is your responsibility to provide us with the most up to date Forms required for your medical examination.

PETRONAS Medical Glasgow
The Petronas medical requires an extensive medical examination and blood / urine tests.
You should allow 2-3 hours for the medical (including Xray). 

The Petronas Medical includes:
Physical Examination (Anus & Rectum / Genito-Urinary Systems only if clinically indicated)
Chest X-ray
ECG (40 years and above or clinically indicated)
Spirometry (if clinically indicated)

Laboratory tests
Blood Group
Complete Blood Count
BUSE (Blood Urea and Serum Electrolytes)
Serum Creatinine
Fasting Serum Lipid
Fasting Blood Sugar (HBA1c if indicated)
Drugs test (Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis, MDMA, Opiates & Cocaine)

IMPORTANT: For the above tests, you will need to FAST for at least 8 hours prior to the medical.

Please bring with you:
Photographic ID (ie. passport, driving licence)
A hardcopy of the medical form with section 1 completed. This can be downloaded at the top of this page
Your glasses or contact lenses (if worn)
Copies of any significant hospital letters, abnormal results etc

The medical is carried out at GP Matters (24 Buckingham Terrace, Glasgow, G12 8ED). The chest X-ray is carried out at the Nuffield Hospital (25 Beaconsfield Rd, Glasgow G12 0PJ) - 5 min drive from the clinic - we will aim to arrange it for you just after your medical.

After your Petronas Medical:
Please allow 4-5- working days for your Petronas medical to be finalised. This will then be e-mailed to you and the original documents can be collected at the clinic or posted to you.

Unless foreseen by local laws and regulations or specified by the examining physician due to health surveillance limitations /restrictions, the validity of the Health Certificate shall be two years from the medical examination date.

Fees - On request
Please e-mail us the medical form/requirements for your pre-employment medical, together with your DoB and role/position.
We will respond the same day with a price and our availability.


GP Matters
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Glasgow G12 8ED
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