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Private General Practice

We provide Private GP appointments and private health care services in Glasgow to support people who want a local and family doctor with all the benefits of private general practice.

GP Appointments & Prices

You do not have to be a registered patient to use the Private GP service by Dr Carole McAlister. You can book a one-off appointment as often as you like at our clinic.

15 Minute Appointment - 60
30 Minute Appointment - 100

More information about our prices, opening hours and help to decide what appointment is most suitable for you, is available on our price list.

As a traditional family practice, an appointment may be for an individiual, a couple or a full family group. Our consultations are delivered in a friendly and personal manner, with quality time spent between the doctor and patient, who is able to discuss single or multiple health concerns as they wish.

A summary of our private gp services include:

General Appointments & Consultations

  • Private GP appointments
  • Health Screening & Medical Examinations
  • Private Referrals
  • Sexual Health and HIV testing
  • Allergy Clinic
  • Acupuncture
  • Vaccinations / Immunisations
  • Travel Clinic & Visa Entry / Work Medicals
  • Prescriptions
  • Aesthetics - Anti wrinkle injections & dermal fillers

Booking Appointments

For further information about our health services or to book an appointment, please contact us direct or email

Tel: 0141 339 0894

87 Barrington Drive, Glasgow, G4 9ES Tel: 0141 339 0894

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