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The Meningitis B Vaccine (Bexsero) is now back in stock. 

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Meningitis B Vaccine - Bexsero

A new vaccine called Bexsero is now licensed for use in the prevention of a serious cause of meningitis.

Bexsero offers protection against the bacteria Neisseria meningitidis group B. In children and adults, meningitis usually causes a high fever, vomiting and dislike of bright lights or altered mental state. In babies it can be difficult to gauge symptoms.

Bexsero is a non-live vaccine, safe to give from the age of 2 months. Depending on the age at vaccination, your child will need two or three Bexsero vaccines in their primary course, with a possible booster. Adults require just 2 doses.

Vaccine Course:

Vaccine Price

Bexsero - Cost: 150 per dose (which includes the appointment fee)

You can find out further information on the following link: Bexsero

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